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  1. Double Rainbow


    Double Rainbow

    I was recently traveling in the Thumb of Michigan and had stopped late in the day at a grocery store in Caseville. When I approached the checkout counter, I were puzzled to see that the store staff had abandoned their posts and were gathered at the front window.

    Someone came and checked me out, and, as I left, I saw what had drawn their attention: the most intense rainbow I have ever seen! I grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures, but the setting was hardly scenic. So I got in the car and went on my way towards Port Austin.

    My route must have perfectly matched that of the weather, because, as I went, the rainbow went before me! After 10 minutes I came to Sleeper State Park, so I pulled into the parking lot and excitedly ran for the beach with my camera.

    I was able to take photos of this rainbow for 15 minutes–including a dash back to the car to grab a wider angle lens. After taking more than a hundred shots framing the rainbow every way I could think of, I spent the last five minutes just relishing the view as the sun descended in the west. On the outside I was calm and still, but inside I was totally channeling YouTube sensation YosemiteBear.