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  1. Lighthouses of the Western Straits

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    Whhite Shoal Lighthouse

    This past summer I┬áhad the opportunity to take a cruise of the lighthouses of the western Straits of Mackinac conducted by Shepler’s Ferry. The cruise was guided by Terry Pepper, executive director of the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association. After passing beneath the Mackinac bridge, we made a brief stop to drop off volunteers and supplies at the St. Helena Island Lighthouse.

    From there we cruised past the White Shoal, Gray’s Reef, and Waugoshance Point lighthouses. The White Shoal lighthouse is the only red and white candy-striped lighthouse in the United States. It started out as a beautiful sunny day, but by the time we reached the long-abandoned Waugoshance lighthouse storm clouds had moved in. It seemed like a fitting backdrop for this rather forlorn and isolated lighthouse.

    Waugoshance Lighthouse