Duck Lake Reflection

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This is the second in a family of images I captured on an autumn day on Grand Island in Lake Superior just off the coast of Munising. Duck Lake is really a small pond on the island, and when I came upon it in mid-morning it was rippled by a gentle breeze and bathed in dazzling sunshine.

Autumn colors were at their peak and I was struck by the way they were reflected in the water of the pond. I tilted my camera down a bit to include only the water and a line of reeds silhouetted in the shadowed foreground. A polarizing filter helped to deepen the already rich colors.

This image is very close to the original raw file from my camera. I just made a simple contrast adjustment to make sure I had a full range of tones from deep shadows to bright highlights. Below is a shot that I took of the entire scene. I’ve included this to illustrate what I mean when I say that in order to abstract the essence of a scene sometimes you need to narrow your focus.


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