Beaver Island Horizon

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Beaver Island Horizon

I recently made a 30×45 canvas print of this image–a truly immersive experience!

Beaver Island is the largest island in Lake Michigan. Most people visit the Island in the summer months after taking a 2 hour ferry ride from Charlevoix.

The ferry docks in a protected harbor fronted by the village of Saint James, the only settlement of any size on the Island. A little over 600 hardy souls call the Island home year round, but vacation homes ring the island. I visited in mid-August—peak season for Beaver Island—and found the village pleasantly busy and no problem leaving civilization behind as I explored the rest of the Island.

A well-developed network of roads provides easy access to most of the Island, though only a couple of miles are paved. The interior of the island is flat and covered with second growth forests and marshes—with a few sizeable lakes scattered about. No dramatic dunes are to be found here, though the north and eastern shores boast many miles of pleasant beach. Only a small portion of these are open to the public, but when I visited I often had them to myself.

Beaver Island’s isolation and relatively modest development appeal to those who crave a simpler life. I soon found myself relaxing into the pace of island life. I spent many hours at the lovely beaches admiring the crystal clear water and clear views to the horizon. I became fascinated by the play of sunlight on the bottom of the lake through the rippled water.

This image transports me to those relaxing days.

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