56th Street to Oak Road

2 miles round trip: 55 miles total

The southeast fringes of the Huron-Manistee National Forest are a patchwork quilt of forest land and private holdings. The National Forest itself is a mix of regenerating hardwood forest, pine plantations, and open savannah. My second day of hiking in this section was quite short so I didn’t get a lot of photo opportunities. But I’m enjoying the discipline of trying to find something new each day.

I was struck by how different this raspberry blossom appeared compared to the one I photographed on June 6. When I tried to do a little research I found that there are at least a dozen species of raspberry in Michigan.
My first sighting of these showy yellow flowers was a dense stand along a roadside, so I suspected they might be yet another introduced species. I was happy to discover that Sand Coreopsis is a native species that is happy as can be in hot dry soil like roadsides.