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July 1

6 mile road to 3 mile road

5.5 miles: 85 miles total

Not every day on the trail can be a great day. I always enjoy hiking through the woods, so this was a good day. But not much caught my eye and I only came up with one shot I want to share–so a good but not a great day.

There are places along the trail where the forest floor is covered with red oak saplings. The new growth on the saplings is a fuzzy red.

May 25

Fallasburg County Park, north section

1 mile round trip: 13 miles total

After crossing to the western bank of the Flat River at the northern edge of Fallasburg County Park, the North Country Scenic Trail continues north through another half mile of protected woodland. The first part passes through a wetland that has a nice selection of Spring wildflowers.

The North Country National Scenic Trail crosses the Flat River on a foot bridge at the north end of Fallasburg County Park near Lowell, Michigan.

May 24

Flat River Drive to Fallasburg County Park

6 miles round trip: 12 miles total

The next section of trail took me to Fallasburg County Park, just north of Lowell, Michigan. The trail passes through the tiny historic village of Fallasburg, and it’s worth a slight diversion to walk through the village to the historic Fallasburg Covered Bridge. The bridge is one of only two remaining historic bridges still serving their original purpose in Michigan.

A well worn path along the North Country Scenic Trail just north of Lowell, Michigan
A field of cairns in a clearing along the North Country Scenic Trail near Lowell, Michigan testifies to the popularity of ths stretch of pathway.
The North Country National Scenic Trail passes through Fallasburg Park just north of Lowell. The Fallasburg Bridge, one of only two historic covered bridges left in Michigan, is just a short diversion from the trail.

May 20

Boy scout cabin to Flat River Drive

6 miles round trip: 6 miles total

I started my exploration of the North Country Trail on the northern edge of the small town of Lowell, Michigan. The trail parallels the Flat River passing through forests largely reclaimed from hardscrabble farms.

The Flat River flows through marshland just north of Lowell, Michigan.

The forest canopy glows spring green on a sunny day.

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