In a normal year I’d be greeting customers at outdoor art fairs almost every weekend through the summer. But Covid-19 has forced the suspension of the art fair season this year. And so I’ve decided to take on a major project instead. I intend to explore as much of the North Country Trail in Michigan as I can and photograph whatever catches my eye.

The North Country Trail is the longest of eleven National Scenic Trails designated by the National Park Service. It stretches 4,600 miles from Vermont through North Dakota. The State of Michigan is at its heart and hosts 1,150 miles of the trail. A fair portion of these miles are along lightly traveled roads, so I’ll just explore the miles of trail that pass through Natural areas.

The North Country Trail Association is a non-profit organization that partners with the National Park Service to develop, maintain, protect and promote the trail. As it turns out their headquarters is in the small town of Lowell, Michigan, very near my home in Grand Rapids. So it seemed fitting to start my journey there and work my way north.