3 mile road to Echo Road

6.5 miles: 79.5 miles total

I continued my hike along the North Country Trail through the Manistee National Forest near White Cloud, Michigan.

Up to now, I’ve had to hike out and back to my car for each section of trail. I bought this scooter so I can drop it at one trail head, drive a little farther north to another, hike back to the scooter, and ride to my van. “More efficient” says my rational mind. “More fun!” says my inner teen.
Ox-eye daisy is a european plant that has escaped gardens to colonize dry open areas. I read that each petal and each little yellow bump in the eye is actually a separate flower.
This bridge over a nameless stream passes by impressive mature hemlock trees.
Back home at my studio. The rack for my scooter has the inauspicious brand name “Black Widow.”