Oak Road to Basswood Road

9 miles round trip: 64 miles total

I continued my hike through the varied terrain of the southeast section of the Manistee National Forest. The wide variety of habitats yielded the best photographic results of my project so far!

A pine plantation can be a disorientating place. I was grateful for the carefully placed blue blazes that mark the Norh Country Trail throughout its route.
I passed through this prairie early in my hike. It was posted as a special research area.
I believe this blue eyed beauty is a Spatterdock Darner. From my research it seems this is a rather uncommon site so I’m grateful he posed so nicely for me.
The North Country Trail passes through a remnant Oak Savannah in the Manistee National Forest.
I photographed this Little Wood-Satyr in a remnant Oak Savannah along the North Country Trail in the Manistee National Forest.
This beautifully maintained trail passes through lowland forest adjacent to Cold Creek.
The afternoon sun set these ferns aglow.
Cold Creek, Manistee National Forest
The Common Sanddragon lives near moving water. I found this one on the bridge over Cold Creek in the Manistee National Forest.
The Common Whitetail Skimmer uses its powdery white abdomen in territorial displays. They live near water and I found this one staking a claim to a portion of the bridge crossing Cold Creek in the Manistee National Forest.